IDSSem Research Article- Integration of Eastern and Western Methods: Reiki in Clinical Practice

There is no such thing as a perfect approach to health; no one way to cure disease, no one way to workout or eat healthfully, no magical pill to achieve perfect health. However, combining Eastern and Western approaches to health could improve our health system and overall levels of wellness nationally. Western methods know the human body down to each and every cell; these methods rely on science through deduction, and rely on surgery, man-made science-based medicine, etc. Eastern methods, on the other hand, focus less on the scientific method and instead on tradition, unseen energy, and the entire universe (Tsuei). I truly believe that the understanding we’ve achieved of science and medicine in the Western world is nothing short of extraordinary, but what if we focused on more natural and holistic approaches? What if we took what has been practiced in the East for thousands and thousands of years and used it along with Western medicine? As Eastern healing methods such as Reiki have gained popularity in the Western world, some hospitals, hospice centers, etc. have begun to test the waters with an integrated approach to medicine by integrating Reiki healing into clinical practice. I decided to pursue this topic because I think it is a great start towards adopting a more integrative healthcare approach here in the US. Throughout my work, it is my goal to explain the interdisciplinarity of integrative medicine, discuss the background of Reiki, delve into the process of using it in clinical settings as well as the effects that have been seen, then talk about the future of integrative medicine as well as how we can use it in our own lives.

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