IDS Sem. RA & AP Prospectus/Timeline

IDS Sem. Applied Project Prospectus and Timeline

Throughout my time as a Communication for Wellness and Exercise major, my interest in holistic health has skyrocketed. I want to share with the world how they can improve their overall wellness and happiness through their lifestyle choices. I’m a big believer that our habits become who we are and by adopting healthy habits, we can unlock our full potential. By becoming the best version of ourselves, we can improve our lives and the lives of those around us. When we find our own wellness and happiness that positive energy radiates, influencing others to find their own nirvana, whatever that may mean to them. I truly believe in my heart and soul that this can cause a chain reaction and we can have an epidemic of personal transformations. With that said, my goal with this project is to study the effects of adopting a variety of lifestyle changes, such as a regular meditation practice, exercise regimen, healthy diet, and putting aside time for personal development activities like journaling or reading. Essentially, the question I’m asking is “how can we take steps to improve our overall wellness and happiness?”. By using the communication skills I have developed, I can take my knowledge of wellness and exercise to share with others ways of improving their lives in terms they understand.

I’m currently drafting up some plans for how I want my subjects to adopt certain lifestyle changes; making diet/exercise guidelines, meditation suggestions, etc. I am working on recruiting participants, and plan to have my final group of participants set in stone by Sunday, 2/24. That week, I will schedule time with each participant to talk with me in which I will have an open discussion about their wellness so that I can make wellness plans personalized to each participants needs. During this time I will guide them in making a quick reflection video discussing their goals, etc. Once I have assessed my discussions with them, I will go ahead making their plans and ask them to begin the following Sunday, 3/3. I will be checking in with participants 3 times a week (making changes and recommendations as needed), and ask them to make video reflections of their progress once a week for the 4 week program. I will give them flexibility and allow them to take a week off and make it up the first week of April if they choose (I have the feeling they aren’t going to be sticking to their regimens during spring break). At the end of the program, I’ll meet and have another open discussion with them to reflect on overall changes and how the program worked for them, making a final video to understand the effects of their various lifestyle changes.

I will know my project is successful if I am able to reach my subjects and help them to help themselves. This is all about improvement and if at the end of the day they feel like they have grown and improved overall wellness and happiness, I’ll be happy. This can be assessed through my ability to communicate with participants and help foster their personal development. If I don’t succeed with this, I don’t think I would consider my project successful, however I will be grateful for the experience and ability to learn from my mistakes and improve my communication skills. There are definitely some risks and challenges, because I cannot force people to do what I ask of them, I need to make sure that my participants are willing and able to do what I ask of them, and reflect on what changes have been a result of their lifestyle changes. All in all, I want to use this project as an opportunity to help improve the lives of others so I can share with people ways they can help themselves improve their overall wellness.

IDS Sem. Research Article Prospectus and Timeline

I am working on the topic of meditation because I want to find out it’s effects in order to help my reader understand better how meditation can help improve their lives. Meditation and spirituality have been a big part of my own personal development and transformation. I truly believe that meditation has helped me achieve happiness and has helped many aspects of my life. I want to study how exactly meditation does this. In the Western world, meditation is often times understood and some consider it taboo or pointless. I want to find the evidence behind it’s benefits and share that knowledge.

I want to write for an audience interested in personal development and how they can improve their lives. I want to write for people who are struggling to find happiness, because I’ve been there before and know it can be a hopeless feeling. I want to help people find the courage to try something new. Age, gender, race, all of that stuff doesn’t matter when it comes to my audience. I want to write in terms that lots of people can understand, because my research is about improving peoples lives. 

For my research, I want to focus on case studies and I want to find scientific research about meditation to get a more complete view on it. I want to look at it from all sides, spiritual, scientific, etc. I’ve found that terms such as meditation, mindfulness, and even physiology help me find sources, as well as terms related to buddhism, yoga, and spirituality. I’ve had a hard time finding library databases that have this kind of information. On our Lamson Library website, however, I have found a few articles that match up perfectly with what I want to research. Also, I want to meet up and talk with a local meditation expert who works at a holistic healing center here in New Hampshire to get her perspective based on her many years of experience working with other people. 

I think the most important part about this paper for me is the research. I will need to find my core sources and do my précis before March 6th, so I have a lot of research to do in the next couple of weeks. From here I’ll be able to make an outline due March 20th. I’m hoping in those couple of weeks to meet with a meditation expert. Based on that I can pull together a draft getting all the information I want in there, due April 10. Once the draft is done, I think it will be a matter of cleaning things up and making it nice, and I’ll be set with my paper before April 23. 

Potential Sources:

Davidson R, et al. “Alterations in Brain and Immune Function Produced by Mindfulness Meditation” Psychosomatic Medicine, vol. 65, no. 4, pp. 564-570., doi: 10.1097/01.PSY.0000077505.67574.E3

Kohn, Livia. “Meditation Works : In the Daoist, Buddhist, and Hindu Traditions.” Three Pines Press, 2008.

Sedlmeier P, et al. “The Psychological Effects of Meditation: A Meta-Analysis.” Psychological Bulletin, vol. 138, no. 6, 2012, pp. 1139–71., doi:10.1037/a0028168.

Wallace, R K, and H Benson. “Physiology of Meditation.” Scientific American, 1972, pp. 84–90. 

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4 Replies to “IDS Sem. RA & AP Prospectus/Timeline”

  1. With your Applied Project, you may need approval of the Institutional Review Board ( because it sounds a bit as if you’re planning to do something like experiments on people, and any research involving people requires IRB approval. There may be other ways of framing what you want to do, though, so it’s not research, and thus wouldn’t require IRB approval.

  2. Hi Amanda,

    I think the topic you have picked for your project and research is awesome! I am very interested in mediation, spirituality, and wellness as well! After coming out of the nursing program, I was pleasantly surprised how much Eastern medicine was taught. I had a few professors who were very focused on holistic health and often explained how it could benefit patients. For myself, I practice yoga and mediation multiple times a week. I do consider it a spiritual experience alongside my love to be alone in nature. It is not something too many of my friends or family understand, but it is a meaningful experience for me and my health and wellbeing. This will be a great topic for you and I truly think you will enjoy this project a lot! I am excited to hear more about it as the semester progresses. Great job!


  3. This sounds really amazing and I am excited to see updates on your research and project. I’m most curious about how your video will turn out. Do you know the format it will be? Interviews, just you explaining? Background… or just results?

  4. I love your philosophy on Holistic Heath! I totally agree with the idea that our habits as well as our environment form us into individuals that we become. I’m also a big believer that when we achieve the wellness and happiness within ourselves it really passes over to the people around us. I love the idea behind your project it is very similar to mine. I really think that communicating with each individual it terms they understand and and personalizing the wellness plans for each individual is the kay to individuals behavioral change.

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